Entropion/Ectropion Correction

Entropion/Ectropion Correction

As we get older the skin and muscles of the eyelid can become lax, causing the lid to turn inwards (Entropion) or outwards (Ectropion). Although most cases are age related, the conditions can also be caused by scar tissue, facial palsy or previous surgeries.


Entropion is an eyelid malposition in which the eyelid folds inwards. This causes the eyelashes to rub against the surface of the eye, resulting in discomfort, watering and redness. The condition often becomes worse over time and if left untreated may lead to ulceration of the cornea and scarring, which may cause loss of vision.

Entropion is treated by lid surgery, which is generally done under local anaesthetic as a day case. Most often patients undergo a lateral tarsal strip and everting sutures.


Ectropion is when the lower eyelid turns outwards, causing the edge of the lid to turn away from the eyeball. Left untreated, Ectropion allows the lining of the lid to become exposed to air, leading to discomfort, watering, redness and swelling.

Ectropion is treated by lid surgery, which is generally done under local anaesthetic as a day case. Most often patients undergo a lateral tarsal strip procedure. This is an operation to tighten the lid and stop it turning outwards. The lid is tightened at the outer corner by stitching the outer part of the lid to the tissue covering the bone of the eye socket. It takes about 45 minutes to perform.

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