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What a transformation!

What a Transformation! Previously I always felt that my eyes made me look tired and rather unhappy. After surgery, my eyes looked brighter and for the first time reflected how I felt about myself.

Many thanks to Jill for her support and efficiency and special thanks to my surgeon Mr Muel-Gonzalez, who effected this transformation.

Mrs J H from Derby. January 2020

Good experience

” I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery ( Mr Bowyer performed.) He has taken years off my eyelid/eye area. The processes and surgery was a good experience, with qualified, competent and experienced staff.”  Mrs CM – West Midlands.

What an excellent Team!

What an Excellent team!

I would like to say that I am absolutely thrilled with my eyes. My scars have healed well and I feel like my eyes are open again. I can’t thank you (Jill) and Mr Gonzalez enough. What an excellent Team!   Mrs MK  Crewe , Cheshire.

Bristol Clinic – Ms Ashdown

Bristol Clinic – Ms Ashdown Consultant Ophthalmic and Oculoplastics Surgeon

7.10.19   I felt that my eyes always looked tired and that my lids drooped unevenly. I contacted a few clinics in the southwest, but found the Eyelid Centre was positive and easy to speak to. Jill’s customer service moved everything on smoothly. From the Consultation to the operation by Morag Ashdown, everything was so professional, even nerves were soothed by nice music. My eyes looked better in just a week. My eyes now match and look fresh and natural.       Mrs C H – Somerset

5* service

5* Service.

I had been unhappy with my sagging eyelids for a few years, and felt that my eyes were half closed most of the time and gradually getting worse. After about 2 or 3 years of dreaming about having them corrected I decided to make enquiries. I searched on-line for a reputable surgeon and found the website for ‘The Eyelid Centre’. I made my first enquiry via telephone and spoke to a lady called Jill Heath. Jill answered all my questions fully and was very knowledgeable about the procedures available and the costs.

Jill arranged a consultation with surgeon, Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez, which was to take place a couple of weeks later. During this time, Jill kept in touch with me either by email or phone and was easily available to speak to if I needed some advice, her ‘customer service’ skills are second to none.

On the day of my consultation Jill met me at reception and I was introduced to Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez who explained to me in great detail what the procedure entailed. He took various measurements of my eyes and agreed that he could perform the operation.

In July 2019 I attended the clinic for my operation. Throughout the procedure Mr Muel-Gonzalez explained to me what he was about to do and what I would experience. I was constantly asked if I was comfortable and they even played my favourite music to listen to whilst they operated. I felt no pain at all and the whole procedure was done within an hour.

From start to finish I was treated with courtesy and respect a truly 5 star service, all in all a very positive experience. I would definitely recommend The Eyelid Centre.

MK – Crewe      16/07/2019


To Mr Muel-Gonzalez

Very Satisfactory outcome, would completely recommend for anyone considering surgical procedure for eyelid correction. Many thanks Mrs JP of Leek, Staffordshire.

A huge thank you to Mr Muel-Gonzalez.

To Mr Muel-Gonzalez, Jill Heath and Helen Burndred.

From the initial consultation through to the follow up appointment after my surgery, I have been nothing but impressed with the staff at The Eyelid Centre. For years I had been unhappy with my eyes, as I felt that they just made me feel tired, even if I wasn’t tired. I therefore took the plunge and I am so glad that I did. Everything went so much better than I ever thought possible and I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone.   Lisa, Crewe  Cheshire.

Excellent Experience. Mrs PS Shropshire.

The whole experience was excellent. I was treated well and given plenty of information. The initial examination with Mr Bowyer was very thorough and I felt completely confident in his abilities. The actual surgery was straightforward and interesting. I was kept informed what was happening throughout the procedure and was treated with care and respect. All of the staff at the clinic were friendly and put me at my ease. The procedure was pain free and though I had some bruising in the days following, there was minor discomfort, but no pain. I was very pleased with the results. My eyelids look much bigger and the awful droop has gone. I look less tired and the overall result is exactly what I wanted. The scarring is barely noticeable and even my Mum couldn’t see it.

I highly recommend the Eyelid Centre and its staff for professionalism, care and an Outstanding result.

New Testimonial

Dear Mrs Heath ,

I would like to thank you, all of your staff at the ” Eyelid Centre” and in particular, Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez and Mrs Helen Burndred for looking  after me so splendidly, both before and after the successful eyelid procedures, which I have recently undergone.

The pre-procedure and aftercare extended to me has, to say the least in my opinion been quite exemplary, for which I am most grateful and also for which I thank you.

I truly believe that whilst the experience in the first instance seemed quite daunting, however the dedicated way in which the whole of your medical team, headed by Mr Pedro Mule-Gonzalez in such a highly skilled and Professional manner, greatly alleviated my pre-procedure concerns and those natural anxieties associated with such serious invasive and delicate surgical operations.

I am now eagerly looking forward to a speedy recovery which I appreciate will take some little time before the full results of the procedures will become aesthetically pleasing and obvious.

I do feel quite confident that as soon as the bruising and swelling gradually diminishes my general eyesight vision will become much improved.

I would not hesitate in recommending the Professional Services on offer by the ” Eyelid Centre” or the highly  developed skills of Mr Gonzalez and his dedicated medical Team.

May I trust that you will accept my most grateful thanks and warmest personal regards and also the courtesy and respect which has been shown to me at all times for which I am delighted to have the opportunity to recognise and acknowledge.

Mr N A-K  from Manchester.


Mr GB, Stoke-on-Trent

Happy New Year 2019. I could not be more pleased with the results of the surgery. From the start at my consultation Mr Muel-Gonzalez put me at ease. He explained the procedure in detail. On the day of my operation I was welcomed by the Team. 45 minutes later it was done. I used to think about my eye shape on a daily basis, but since the surgery I never think of the different shape of my eyes used to be anymore. I am really pleased with the result, they look great. My experience was amazing. I would highly recommend your services to anyone. If you could thank Mr Muel-Gonzalez, he is a star and to you Jill, thank you very much from start to finish.

Mr GB, Stoke-on-Trent - January 2019

Mr GC, Cheshire

Procedure: Bi-Lateral Upper and Bi-Lateral Lower

Constantly being on the receiving end of the usual comments about looking tired or poorly I started to consider surgery to correct the droopy appearance of my eyes. After about 18 months or so I made up my mind to take the plunge. I did my research and made quite a few enquiries of various cosmetic surgeries before deciding on arranging a consultation at the Eyelid Centre. Why the Eyelid Centre? They just seemed friendlier and more prepared to provide information prior to the initial consultation.

During the initial consultation, Mr Muel-Gonzalez, answered all my questions fully and structured my expectations about what the ultimate outcomes would be. We talked about my desire to improve the look of both my upper and lower eyelids and Mr Muel-Gonzalez recommended that we did the upper eyelids first and leave a period of six weeks before the lower eyelid procedure.  I came away from the meeting feeling re-assured and positive and the following day I contacted Jill Heath about arranging the surgery dates.

Before the first operation (bi-lateral upper) I was quite apprehensive about having surgery around the tender areas of my eyes but I was immediately put at ease by the theatre team of Jill, Helen and Mr Muel Gonzalez. During the procedure Mr Muel-Gonzalez kept me fully informed of what was going on whilst Helen and Jill assisted and kept me suitably occupied via light hearted chit chat and background music of my choice. Before I knew it, the operation was over and I was sitting up. On the way home, my eyes felt a bit weird (sticky and I found it difficult to blink) but after about 30 minutes or so things felt easier once the effects of the local anaesthetic had fully worn off. My subsequent recovery was in line with what I expected with the bruising and swelling seeming to dissipate with each passing day- I think the frequent application of ice packs and Arnica cream helped. That said, progress wasn’t entirely linear with some days seeing a little more swelling than the previous day.  Jill telephoned me the day after the op to enquire how I was feeling and to remind me to regularly apply the chloramphenicol ointment to the incision lines and to generally take things easy. The following week I had the stitches removed and a couple of days later I felt confident enough to mix with people again.

The second operation (bi-lateral lower) took a little longer than the first procedure, but again the theatre team demonstrated a wonderful combination of skill, proficiency, care and good humour. It was about 14 days before the bruising and swelling had disappeared sufficiently for me to get back into my regular routines.

No more looking tired and worn out!

Three words sum up my experience at the Eyelid Centre.  DE-LIGHT-ED!!

Thank you so much-Pedro (Mr M-G), Jill and Helen

Mr GC, Cheshire - September 2018

Mrs D M from Lancashire

I was very fortunate to choose Mr Bowyer for my recent eye surgery. I was obviously very anxious about the procedure, as with any surgery, however Mr Bowyer was so professional, reassuring and realistic in what I could expect to achieve by undergoing surgery. Thank you Mr Bowyer and your Team ( in particular Jill), who was in regular contact with me throughout the process. The consultation period to follow up appointment, after surgery, was just exceptional. I am so pleased with the results. No more tried looking eyes! Thank you once again.

Mrs D M from Lancashire

Mrs J W of Rugeley

Upper Eyelid Surgery performed by Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez

I had considered upper eyelid surgery for some time and had researched the pros and cons of the procedure at length. I attended my first Consultation at the Eyelid Centre with Mr Muel-Gonzalez amd I explained the problems I was encountering with my eyes. He took several measurements and we discussed the possible outcome the procedure might produce. He also explained what the surgery would entail, the recovery period  required and any potential risks.I found him very easy to talk to and was confident that I would be in the best hands for my surgery.

Before I left the Clinic, Jill Heath checked that I had all the information required and made sure that I understood everything that was going to be happening. I felt very reassured by the care and attention showed to me.

I have had a few major operations in my life ( that I have taken in my stride) but never to my face. I was understandably extremely nervous on the day of surgery. I was soon put at my ease and taken care of in a professional, caring and courteous manner. I was listened to at all times and throughout the procedure everything was explained to me. They made sure that I knew how to care for scars and swelling before I left and I was told not to hesitate to call if I had any concerns. Jill even phoned me the following day to check that all was well.

I expected to be very sore and badly bruised for a couple of weeks. However, I was lucky that after the first few days the swelling and bruising were much improved. I attended Mr Gonzalez’ clinic one week after surgery, where he assessed my eyes and removed the stitches. We were both delighted with the result. Not only is there the obvious significant cosmetic difference to the look of my eyes, I feel that I can see more widely and I feel brighter. My previous headaches have ceased as I am not straining my forehead to lift my eyes open and the watering of my eyes from feeling tired has not re-occured

It is now just over two weeks since my surgery and I have applied some mascara like an excited child, although I will have to wait a few more days until I can use eye shadow. The scars are healing so well I am sure that they will hardly be noticeable once covered. I cannot thank Mr Muel-Gonzalez and his Team enough for the difference this has made to me.

Eyes are the window to the world and I think I’ve been given a new outlook – in many ways.

Mrs J W of Rugeley

Mrs P W of Stoke-on-Trent

To Mr Bowyer, Jill and all of the staff at The Eyelid Centre.

Thank you so much for all of your care and attention, before, during and after my blepharoplasty and most of all thank you for my ” new eyes”.

I really am happy with the outcome, better than I could have imagined.

Mrs P W of Stoke-on-Trent

Mr K P of Leicester

Can I say how pleased I am with both the professionalism, care and consideration shown by you (Jill) and the team and thank you to Mr Muel-Gonzalez for the excellent job he did.

The procedure was pain free, as was the post operative recovery ( other than a slight headache for a few days). I think the results so far are fantastic ( still have a bit of swelling in the right eyelid) so a big thank you for the help and support.

I would recommend your centre for this treatment ( Upper Blepharoplasty) to any one.

Mr K P of Leicester

Mrs J M from Congleton

I had been very self conscious about my eyes for a long time. I had heavy eyelids with folds of skin that were making my eyes look closed and feeling as I was squinting. After much discussion at home and lots of research online, I decided to arrange a consultation with Mr Bowyer at The Eyelid Centre. After a long discussion and examination it was decided I would benefit from Bi-lateral Upper Blepharoplasty on each eye.

I was extremely nervous leading up to my appointment to have the procedure done as I worry a lot. As it turned out I was worrying needlessly. From the moment I arrived at the clinic I was looked after and put at ease by Jill Heath and her collegue, who held my hand a lot, as it happened quite literally and comforted me by talking to me throughout the whole procedure.

Mr Bowyer was talking to me and explaining as he completed the procedure.

Back for stitches to be removed within a week and after 2 weeks I am now looking and feeling 100%.

This is a very efficient, professional team and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mrs J M from Congleton

V G, Stoke-on-Trent

Mr Bowyer, Thank you for making my dream a reality: many thanks for your work and support.

V G, Stoke-on-Trent

SA, Nantwich

Just a line to thank you so much for my eye op, I feel so lucky I can read, paint, see the computer, play the piano & watch a golf ball, ‘what more could a girl wish for’. Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks again.

SA, Nantwich

FC, Barthomley

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for a superb job on my eyelid. I have continued to enjoy no further issues and am delighted with the outcome of the operation. It is always of concern when noting the location of the operation but you clearly have excellent experience and professionalism and I am very grateful to have been one of your patients.

FC, Barthomley. Senior Partner, St. James’s Place Wealth Management

JD, Trentham, Staffordshire

I would just like to thank you for your care and professional approach to my lid lumps. I am thrilled with the outcome. Please also pass on my thanks to your nurse, she was so reassuring and kind to me during the surgery.

JD, Trentham, Staffordshire

Mrs K T of South Staffs

After being unhappy with the appearance of my upper eyelids for many years, I contacted the Eyelid Centre in early October 2017. Jill Heath talked me through the whole process from inital consultancy to the surgery itself and re-assured me on my concerns, which were mainly that my eyelids would not be symmetrical and I would look permanently surprised, following the surgery.

At the Consultancy with Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez, he also reassured me that he would only take a small amount of excess skin from each eyelid, to achieve the appearance that my eyes looked more open and less tired.

I had the surgery on 21st November 2017, under local anaesthetic. The whole experience was very relaxing and comfortable, it was more like a spa treatment than eye surgery. Jill and Helen attended with Mr Muel-Gonzalez and they chatted to me all the way through. There was no pain and it took only an hour and a half. After the op there was a bit of pain, which was completely relieved with painkillers.

By Christmas all the bruising and swelling was gone and I was able to at last put on my eyeshadow on my upper lids just above the lashline. I don’t look permanently tired and miserable. I am delighted with the results and am so glad I went ahead .

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Eyelid Centre to anyone considering this type of surgery. The Team’s expertise, professionalism and care both during and after surgery has been incredible.

Mrs K T of South Staffs

Mrs C A of Cheadle, Staffs

May I take this opportunity to thank you (Jill Heath) and Mr Bowyer again……I am absolutely thrilled with the results! No eyebags anymore. Yaaaayyy

Mrs C A of Cheadle, Staffs

Mrs S F, Lancs

My overall experience, at The Eyelid Centre,was very pleasant: the results of the op ( Upper Blepharoplasty and Browpexy) are excellent and the whole time I felt very well cared for and the centre of everyones’ attention.

It was all so easy and I realise deceptively professional, without being formal. I am very happy and confident to recommend you to any prospective patients. I knew that everything possible was being done in my best interest.

Mrs S F, Lancs

G D, Mid Warwickshire

To Mr Gonzalez, Jill and Helen. Thank you for your undivided attention, care and expertise, with all aspects of my upper eye surgery, which was a total success and I am very pleased with, enabling me to see much better, eradicating the squinting and my eyes looking closed. Also, as a hidden bonus, it has certainly freshened up my face overall.

The operation was pain free and the procedure was explained beforehand in great detail and the recovery is proceeding very well, with Jill at the end of the line 24/7 if any questions/problems occur, which I must add have not been needed, but very reassuring all the same.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Eyelid Centre for its professionalism and moment to moment care, both before and after the operation. Simply exceptional treatment in all areas and I always felt that everything which was done was always in my best interests.

G D, Mid Warwickshire

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