Eyelid Centre Surgeons

Welcome to Eyelid Centre. We would like to introduce our Consultants Mr Jeremy Bowyer and Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez, who are Consultant Ophthalmologists and Oculoplastic Surgeons, practicing Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Both our surgeons are Consultant Ophthalmologists, who in their NHS positions, see and treat patients with all types of eye conditions such as cataracts, diabetic eye disease and glaucoma. In addition both Consultants are Consultant Oculoplastics and Orbital surgeons, meaning that they are experts in the specialised delicate plastic surgery of the structures around the eye and face, eyelids eyebrows, tear drainage system and eye sockets, providing comprehensive modern management and up to date, relevant techniques/reconstructive/trauma and cosmetic problems.

These include:

Upper Eye Lid Problems

  • Heavy Lids, hooded Lids (Blepharoplasty)
  • Eyelid ptosis (drooping eyelids) and eyebrow ptosis (drooping eyebrows)
  • Thyroid eye disease
  • Eyelid malposition e.g. entropion (in-turning eyelids) and ectropion (out-turning eyelids)
  • Facial Palsy Rehabilitation
  • Cancers, tumours, "Lumps and bumps” of the eye and around the eye
  • Xanthelasma Removal
  • Artificial Eyes & Eyeball Removal Surgery (Enucleation/Evisceration)
  • Cosmetic improvement surgery for artificial eyes and eye sockets
  • Watering eye surgery
  • Botulinum Toxin injection treatment for blepharospasm and other involuntary facial movements
  • Reconstructive surgery for trauma to eye, eyelid and socket

Cosmetic Eyelid/Oculofacial Treatment

  • Cosmetic wrinkle relaxing injections
  • Eyelid bags (Eye bags), Heavy Eyelids, Drooping Upper Eyelids, Sagging Upper Eyelids, Baggy Eyelids (Cosmetic Blepharoplasty)
  • Brow Lifting

By choosing our surgeons, you will be safe in knowledge that you will be seen and treated by a consultant oculoplastic surgeon who:

  • Has some of the most rigourous training and only works around the delicate anatomy of the face and eyelids in NHS and private practice.
  • Performs many procedures each year.
  • Has a pure interest in oculoplastic surgery and is able to offer a full spectrum of the latest techniques to achieve your goals.
  • Will be able to advise you about what can be safely achieved.
  • Is able to avoid and manage the rare but potentially dangerous complications of oculoplastic surgery.

Will always keep the underlying health of your eyes as an utmost priority.

Mr. Jeremy Bowyer (Eyelid Surgeon)

BM (Southampton), FRCOphth
Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Specialist in
Oculoplastic, Lacrimal and Cataract Surgery

Mr Bowyer is the NHS Consultant Lead for the Oculoplastics Service at the University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust. His areas of interest include plastic and aesthetic surgery around the eye, the management of watery eyes, orbital and socket problems. He has perfomed advanced training Oculoplastics subspeciaity fellowships at The Royal Brisbane Hospital, Queensland, Australia, with Professor Tim Sullivan and Moorfield's Eye Hospital, London, with Professor Richard Collin and Professor Geoffrey Rose. He is particularly experienced in the surgical management of periocular skin cancer.

Mr Bowyer graduated from Southampton Medical School in 1990 and commenced his ophthalmology training at the Queeen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth and then Neurosurgery at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. He underwent further ophthalmic training at the Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham and then at St.Paul's Eye Unit at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. He was appointed as a substantive NHS consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Royal Stoke University Hospital 12 years ago, formerly a locum consultant ophthalmics surgeon in Oculoplastics for 2 years at Addenbrookes' Hospital, Cambridge.

He maintains a large general ophthalmic workload, both in the NHS and privately, regularly performing modern phacoemulsification cataract surgery. His NHS practice deals, in particular, with functional problems of the eyelids, tear drainage system and orbits. He has worked at the University Hospital of the North Midlands, since July 2005, though lived in the area since 1993. He is holder of three Clinical Excellence Awards.

He is a member of the British Oculoplastics Surgery Society ( BOPSS) and the Midlands Oculoplastics Surgery Society (MOPSS).

He regularly presents internationally at the European Society of Oculoplastics and Recontructive Surgery (ESOPRS) Meetings and more locally in the Midlands, at meetings of MOPSS.

Mr Pedro Muel-Gonzalez is an NHS Consultant Ophthalmologist, with a special interest in cataract and oculoplastic surgeries.

Mr Muel-Gonzalez specialised in ophthalmic surgery in Spain, before he moved to Dublin, where he completed advanced training in oculoplastic surgery and neuro-ophthalmology.

He holds a substantive NHS Consultant position at Mid Cheshire Hospitals Foundation Trust. Here, he is the Lead for the Ophthalmic Emergency Department and for Theatre Efficiency, leading a very busy cataract surgery service everey week.

His areas of interest include cataract surgery, under topical anaesthesia, oculoplastics surgery, management of watery eye and medical and laser treatment of glaucoma. Mr Muel-Gonzalez has extensive experience of general ophthalmology and emergency care.

Mr Muel also actively colllaborates with a charity organisation, regularly travelling to the African Saraha, to treat patients from refugee camps, by operating on complex cataracts and plastic surgery cases.